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Air Conditioning - Heat Recovery Range

Heat Recovery Range

There are 2 meanings for heat recovery. The below refers to our City Multi Range. Heat Recovery also occurs in our Lossnay range which we mention in the Lossnay section

Flexibility and efficiency are key factors when selecting a heat recovery system. For example, while a heat pump system is adequate for a large open plan office, businesses that have a more partitioned structure to an office will require the need to simultaneously heat or cool different sections of the office according to each users individual preferences. The efficiency of this type of system comes from the ability to use the by-products of cooling and heating to transfer energy where it is required, thus acting as a balanced heat exchanger achieving up to 20% cost savings over a conventional heat pump system. The number of connection sites needed for a R2 / WR2 system are also significantly lower than those needed for a three pipe version, reducing installation costs.

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