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Air Conditioning - Replace Technology Range

The M Series* & Mr Slim ranges incorporate ‘Replace Technology’ to allow the upgrade of systems using existing pipe work, without the need to apply any special cleaning machines. M Series, S Series, Power Inverter (35/50) and Standard Inverter (100/125/140) utilise Ether oil or the Mitsubishi Electric patented Hard Alkyl Benzene (HAB) oil, a unique oil that is more tolerant of contamination. By combining these oils with developments in oil separator technology it is possible for these models to use existing pipework without any special operations.

All other Mr Slim models use a friction reduction “Heat Caulking” method, whereby friction inside the scroll compressor is reduced by coating the edge of the blade, thereby suppressing the increase in temperature that causes refrigerant oil deterioration.

*Not available on the MXZ-8B140VA and MXZ-8B160YA Multi-Split outdoor units

The latest VRF Replace Multi models from Mitsubishi Electric are specifically designed for the maturing refurbishment sector, enabling the reuse of existing R22 / R407c pipework, whilst also allowing the upgrade to some of the most efficient systems available in the market. Replace Multi will clean the existing pipework during commissioning, removing any deposits and R22 mineral oil that would have ordinarily meant that new pipework would have been called for. The implications of this are significant savings on cost and time, whilst also minimising any potential disruption.

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